About Us

laijuhui.com was created in the vision of connecting people in a more dynamic way. We would like to bring more people together in our communities and form more dynamic and effective ways of communication. We encourage people to meet face to face in their real life and carry the talks over to the Internet where they can share photos, write down ideas, and discuss interesting topics. It is our vision to create a vibrant and multi-channel communication among our society in both real and cyber life.

The Website

The website allows people to communicate and collaborate with friends in social groups. People within a group can use the site to plan events, share photos, discuss on forums, chat privately with other members, make friends and discover more about their friends. It's well suited for groups like friends, alumni, associations, singles clubs, playgroups, church fellowships, carpool buddies, etc. Everybody can sign up for free.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and facilitate better communication and collaboration within our communities; and to promote face-to-face in-person relationships.